What does it mean to do business the “Reit” way? Lots of companies offer lubricant sales, integrated services and lubrication equipment. But Reit Lubricants Co. offers more: 

  • Exceptional Customer Service. Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations and earn their business for life.

  • High Efficiency. With a full fleet of delivery and service vehicles, Reit Lubricants Co. offers a 3 business day turnover for shipment of in stock items.

  • Knowledgeable Sales Staff.  With education, training and experience, our sales staff has expansive product knowledge which provides the ability to assist with your complete lubrication needs.


What Sets Reit Lubricants Co. Apart? 

  • Complete Inventory: We have the most comprehensive computerized inventory in the area to service a wide variety of industries. We offer competitive pricing on all products.

  • Strong Operations: Reit Lubricants Co. delivers product from our facilities in PA and MD to our customer base in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. To ensure efficient deliveries, we divide our territory into service zones. Click here to read more about our service area.

  • Prompt Deliveries: Delivery turn-over is 3 business days for in stock items.  We ensure you receive your order to you in a timely manner.

  • Expertise in the Field: STLE, CLS (Certified Lubrication Specialists) and OMA (Oil Monitoring Analysts) at each location support the team. Our knowledge and experience helps with training our organization to its highest standards.